Artist : Mausoleum Gate

Album : Into a Dark Divinity

Release Date : 08-09-2017

Added : 16-11-2017

'Mausolueum Gate' is a Finnish band created in the late 2000s and has just released a 2nd studio album 'Into a Dark Divinity'. It begins with 'Condemned to Darkness' and with this title, it feels like being a few decades back with the pioneers of hard rock and the first long compositions like 'Deep Purple' where the hammond organs and MiniMoog had great time. 'V.-P Varpula' reminds me of 'Ian Anderson' in 'Too Old to Rock' N 'Roll: Too Young to Die' and with 'Apophis', the song is serious and theatrical, which accentuates the heavy atmosphere of the first part to finish in an acceleration where 'V.-P Varpula' also knows how to show power in the highs. The highlight of the album is the last track 'Into a Dark Divinity', more than 10 minutes long with a long melodic crescendo where electric instruments take precedence little by little over acoustic instruments to finish calmly with some acoustic guitar notes. In short, with this new album, 'Mausoleum Fate' revives a style that should please all rock and hard rock fans of the 70's...

Line Up / Musicians

Count L.f. (Guitar), Kasperi Puranen (Guitar), Oscar Razanez (Drums), V.-p Varpula (Vocal), Wicked Ischanius (Bass)