Artist : Nth Ascension

Album : In Fine Initium

Release Date : 14-10-2016

Added : 24-01-2017

The English of 4Nth Ascension' 6 years old and they come out the rest of their first 'In Fine Initium' album. With 'Kingdom Keys', entry, it's a title more than 15 minutes waiting for you in a progressive and melodic style alternating Alan song that reminds me of Arena's 'Paul Manzi' universe ' and symphonic instrumental parts. The title 'End Of Days' more than 11 minutes is more muscular and flirts with the hard rock and always this 'Arena' resemblance to the side very theatrical. 'The Cage', is a fresco of more than 17 minutes in the purest tradition of progressive music. Finally, the Clanaan suite with parts 4, 5 and 6 is part of a progressive style close to some compositions of 'Pink Floyd'. In short, 'In Fine Initium', although filled with great melodies, without probably reserved for lovers of progressive music loving long musical developments...
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Line Up / Musicians

Alan ‘Spud’ Taylor (Vocal), Craig Walker (Drums), Darrel Treece-Birch (Keybords), Gavin Walker (Bass), Martin Walker (Guitars)