Artist : Dark Sarah

Album : The Golden Moth

Release Date : 21-09-2018

Added : 21-11-2018

For those who have missed the previous episodes (see here and here), 'Sarah' (played by 'Heidi Parviainen') continues his journey to offer us the last part of the trilogy of 'The Chronicles' and this time it is in the upper world where the heroine must face the test allowing her to reach the Gods to this higher world that she managed to reach in the previous episode ('The Puzzle'). There, she meets a 'Dragon' (played by 'JP Leppäluoto' already present in 'The puzzle') who becomes his companion for this last trip (see the story on the official website here ). On the music side, we find this mix of symphonic metal and original epic and theatrical fantasy film that perfectly fits the concept of the album with melodic lines close to animated films and an important work of vocal harmonies. We can note that there are 3 distinguished guests with 'Marco Hietala' from 'Nightwish', 'Zuberoa Aznárez' from 'Diabolus In Musica' and 'Netta Skog', ex. 'Ensiferum' playing respectively 'Whitebeard', 'Iron Mask' and 'The Fortuneteller'. In short, this last part 'The Golden Moth' closes very beautifully the story of 'Sarah' and is a perfect example of the concept album which succeeds the fusion between the history and the music; if the meeting between the metal epic and theatrical symphonic and fancy film music does not displease you, go and listen to the whole trilogy; for my part, I hope that 'Heidi Parviainen' will be able to stage her story to make it a complete show, as Arjen Anthony Lucassen does so well, for example with his latest show (see here)...

Line Up / Musicians

Heidi Parviainen (Vocal), JP Leppäluoto (Vocal), Sami-Petri Salonen (Guitar), Erkka Korhonen (Guitar), Rude Rothstén (Bass), Thomas Tunkkari (Drums) + invités : Marco Hietala (Vocal), Zuberoa Aznárez (chant), Netta Skog (Vocal)