Artist : Cosmic Rain

Album : Seekers

Release Date : 30-01-2019

Added : 23-03-2019

'Cosmic Rain' is a Swiss group which, after a first EP in 2017 'Utopia', released a studio album, 'Seekers', on the beginning of 2019. Their style draws its influences in several decades of progressive and mix rock, hard rock and metal. The short instrumental 'Cadiz Ouverture' serves as an introduction to 'Sils-Maria' which embeds us in a typically progressive title with different tempos and an alternation of tensions and relaxation, the title ending with a magnificent guitar solo. 'Dimensional Gate' continues in this register with accessible melodic lines and a new guitar finale worthy of 'Steve Hackett' (see his last album here). Follow 'The Power That Be' and 'The Marmor Cliffs' which are more classic titles in the structure but we return to the progressive with 'The Journey and its Tones' of 10 minutes, which mix different ambiances very far from each other with, firstly, a first acoustic part with beautiful melodic lines, then, change of scenery, with a short heavy and powerful section accompanied by grawls, and it is then a new break that brings us back to a much quieter part where the arpeggios of guitar accompany the singing of 'Laurent Nigg' in a mid-tempo which accelerates and takes power on the end of the title to fall back with some chords sung. In summary, the Swiss of 'Cosmic Rain' released a very good first album mixing different styles and 'Seekers' should appeal to all those looking for diversity in progressive music...

Line Up / Musicians

Laurent Nigg (Vocal, Guitar), Arnaud Bosch (Keybords), Willem Jochems (Drums), Marc Joray (Bass)