Artist : Cydemind

Album : Erosion

Release Date : 26-05-2017

Added : 25-08-2017

With the Canadians of 'Cydemind', I take you in an apart instrumental universe with the encounter between a violin and electric guitars. Indeed, formed by classical musicians, they have just released their first album 'Erosion'. Finally, we sail in progressive rock/metal where the violin brings a rather contemporary side as in the titles 'What Remains' or 'Tree of Tales'. 'Derecho' is a title with several drawers where one succeeds melancholy and energy with from time to time the violin playing reminding 'Kansas'. With 'Stream Capture' we return to a more classical melody with sounds similar of some Russian composers. Finally, with the 27 minutes of Erosion ', we travel in an epic fresco with multiple surprises. In short, 'Cydemind' is an unclassifiable group with a wide open-mindedness surpassing the musical conventions and this 'Erosion' should please an informed public open to a mixture of musical genres...

Line Up / Musicians

Olivier Allard (Violin), Camille Delage (Keybords), Kevin Paquet (Guitar), Nico Damoulianos (Bass), Alexandre Dagenais (Drums)