Artist : Lucifer Was

Album : Morning Star

Release Date : 24-11-2017

Added : 16-01-2018

'Lucifer Was' is a Norwegian group that draws its influences from the rock/hard rock of the 70s but who forged their own identity in the 2000s. Strangely, they exist since the 70's but their first studio album has been released in 1997 and 'Morning Star' is their 7th opus. Like formations like 'Jethro Tull', they add classical instruments like the Flute ('Tube Music') or the Harpsichord ('Sunday Morning Griever'). We travel between rhythmic compositions like 'As it Comes', 'A Forest Of Zaqqum Trees' or 'Tube Music' that make you think of 'Deep Purple' or 'Huriah Heep' and other more rock/folk like 'Cold' Up Here In The North' or 'Sea Of Sleep' in the line of 'Jethro Tull'. We can note the last title 'Pure' of more than 15 minutes which closes the album of beautiful way with a progressive epic fresco with all the ingredients which they put in the preceding titles. In short, with 'Morning Star', 'Lucifer Was' takes us a few decades back and this last opus should appeal to all fans of this time but should also reach a wide audience because everything is done to offer us catchy and melodic compositions...

Line Up / Musicians

Jon Ruder (Vocal), Thore Engen (Guitar, Choirs), Dag Stenseng (Flute, Choirs), Anders Sevaldson (Flute), Einar Bruu (Bass), Kai Frilseth (Drums), Arild Brøter (Drums), Andreas Sjo Engen (Guitar, Choirs), Arne Martinussen (Organ, Piano, Mellotron, Clavecin)