Artist : Discipline

Album : Captives of the Wine Dark Sea

Release Date : 07-07-2017

Added : 30-10-2017

The Americans of 'Discipline' that emerged in the 80's, come back with a new album 'Cap-tives of the Wine Dark Sea' that feels nice the 60's and 70's and reminds us of the origins of rock in all these forms. The 'Body Yearns', more than 9 minutes long, is a title that includes several parts and is typical of the compositions of 'Van Der Graaf Generator' (which have issued a new album 'Do Not Disturb' in 2016). The title 'Life Imitates Art' brings me back to about the same time with the refrain that reminds me of 'The Walrus' of the 'Beatles'; 'Love Songs' could be a cover of these and 'Here There is No Soul' is a bit of a 'Rolling Stones' atmosphere. But the flagship title is unquestionably 'Burn The Fire Up-on The Rocks' which starts in a 'Santana' ambiance to continue with a psychedelic part close to 'Pink Floyd' (‘Ummagumma’s era) and then a part sung close to 'King Crimson' to finish in crescendo in an alternation of remarkable guitar solos. In short, this 'Captives of the Wine Dark Sea' is an excellent album for any nostalgic of a revived progressive rock and for others a good way to discover a style that is at the origin of a lot of current musical currents...

Line Up / Musicians

Matthew Parmenter (Vocal, Keybords, Violin, Guitar), Chris Herin (Guitar), Mathew Kennedy (Bass), Paul Dzendzel (Drums)