Artist : Neil Young

Album : Peace Trail

Release Date : 02-12-2016

Added : 26-01-2017

There are artists who force respect : 71 years old, and after releasing 36 studio albums, 'Neil Young' continues with the same message of peace that he has been shouting for decades. 'Peace Trail' does not deviate from the rule and rather than present the different titles that are all in the image of what he has always done, I prefer to let him speak and quote the words of the eponymous title : "The world is full of changes. Sometimes all these changes make me sad But I have to plant them seeds, till something new is growing " and ends with " I think I'll hit the Peace Trail because something new is growing ... "

Line Up / Musicians

Neil Young (Guitar), Jim Kelter (Drums), Paul Bushnell (Bass), Bushnell & Micah Nelson (Vocal)