Artist : Lazarus Taxon

Album : The Dragonfly Effect

Release Date : 20-07-2017

Added : 02-11-2017

'Lazarus Taxon' is a new Brazilian progressive rock band created in 2014 and which has just released its first studio album, 'The Dragonfly Effect'. First of all, the first impression is an impressive quality for a first opus, either in relation to the production, the album jacket, the videos linked to the album (see above) or the search the theme for an album concept (what is the role of humanity in the destruction of our planet. How can we live in a world where all natural resources are deleted ?). On the music side, we are in a rather quiet progressive rock with obvious influences of 'Pink Floyd' and different progressive groups of the past 30 years. For example, 'The World Is a Strange Place to Live' is a very representative title of the influence of 'Pink Floyd'. In summary, 'The Dragonfly Effect', although 'Lazarus Taxon' does not bring major novelties to the progressive sphere, is a pleasant album to listen to and which should please all lovers of progressive concept albums loving calm and aerial atmospheres...

Line Up / Musicians

Paulo Ghizzi (Vocal, Piano, Keybords), Paulo Almeida (Guitar, Vocal), Gus Duarte (Bass, Vocal), Sandro Muniz (Drums, Percussions)