Artist : Coronatus

Album : Secrets of Nature

Release Date : 08-12-2017

Added : 18-01-2018

'Secrets of Nature' is already the 8th studio album of the Germans of 'Coronatus' which are almost 20 years of existence. First of all, they finally decided to open up internationally because after 6 recordings in Latin and the last 'Raben im Herz' in German, even if some titles are still in the language of Goethe, the English appears but we are also entitled to a song in Swedish. Then, it's the first time they present a concept album and the theme is related to questions about nature. On the musical level, Mats called on vocals, in addition to 'Carmen Lorch' who already officiated on the previous albums, to 3 other artists to densify and diversify the vocal section resulting in a great leap forward and we could compare the whole to what 'Christofer Johnson' can do with 'Therion' (listen to ‘Dance of the Satyr’). We can also note that all compositions are doubled by the instrumental version. In summary, this 'Secrets of Nature' is probably the album of maturity for 'Coronatus' that offer us compositons of very high quality which, although not necessarily intended for a general public, are accessible and should please all lovers of symphonic metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Mats Kurth (Drums), Carmen Lorch (Vocal), Mareike Makosch (Vocal), Gaby Koss (Vocal), Teddy Möhrke (Vocal), Markus Stock (Bass, Guitar), Kristina Jülich (Violin)