Artist : ScaRveD

Album : Lodestone

Release Date : 15-01-2017

Added : 17-03-2017

Direction Belgium with 'ScaRveD' who have been created in 2012 and released beginning 2017 a 2nd studio album and it's with this 'Lodstone' that I discovered them. They offer us a classic and energetic hard rock with a female singer who goes to the essential, and all titles are eye-catching with effective great guitar solos. 'Naughtly Reflexes' sets the scene with a rhythm which reminds some groups of the 1970s like 'Led Zeppelin' or 'Deep Purple' with a modern sound. Of course, there is the Ballad of use with 'Heart Of Rock & Roll' which shows us that 'ScaRved' can have quieter titles. In summary, even if they are not reinventing the wheel, 'Lodestone' is a pleasant to listen album and will be certainly welcomed by fans of the gold era of hard rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Luc Van Dessel (Guitar), Caro ScaRveD (Vocal), Wim Wouters (Bass), Geert Mariën (Drums)