Artist : Secret Rule

Album : The Key To The World

Release Date : 10-11-2017

Added : 09-01-2018

'Secret Rule' is an Italian group of symphonic metal formed in 2014 and released its third studio album at the end of 2017. For this album, 'Henrik Klingenberg' by 'Sonata Arctica' is in the party and the singer 'Angela Di Vincenzo' has really progressed in his vocal technique. Side compositions, after the very short instrumental introduction, most are powerful, energetic and accessible with durations between 3 and 5 minutes and refrains that fit you easily in the head and it is only in the 10th title that the rhythm goes down with the beautiful ballad 'No More'. In summary, even if they do not bring real news to the genre, 'The Key To The World' is a good album that all fans of symphonic metal should appreciate and perhaps, through accessible titles, can also reach a wider audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Angela Di Vincenzo (Vocal), Andy Menario (Guitar), Henrik Klingenberg (Keybords), Michele Raspanti (Bass), Nicola Corrente (Drums) + Guests : Henning Bass (Vocal), Ailyn (Vocal)