Artist : Cotton Salamander

Album : Light-Years Away

Release Date : 01-11-2017

Added : 28-01-2018

'Cotton Salamander' is the project of multi-instrumentist, author and songwriter 'Martin Randle' who has released his second solo album with 'Light-Years Away'. He mixes different styles and offers us 9 tracks ranging from progressive rock to classic rock passing by pop and folk with influences from 70s artists. For example, the first composition 'Alien Obduction' can be described as progressive rock, then comes '72 Times Round the Sun' reminding some psychedelic atmospheres of' Pink-Floyd 'and the next track 'Celebrities!' is a classic rock in the style of the 'Rolling Stones'. So, we navigate in a patchwork of genres and 'Martin Randle' has this little extra to compose melodic and accessible songs. In summary, 'Light-Years Away' is a very enjoyable album to listen to and filled with inspirations from 50 years of rock and pop...

Line Up / Musicians

Martin Randle (Vocal, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Percussions, Keybords, Mandolin, Harmonica, Tin Whistle) + Guests : Richard Smith (Guitar), Peter Day (Bass), Paul Janowski (Bass) and Sally Randle (Bass), M George Dear (Guitar, Choirs), Sally Randle (Tin Whistle, Choirs), Terry Dear (Choirs), Martin & Finn Fletcher (Choirs), Peter Day (Choirs), Cliff Hunt (Choirs), Peter Buttigieg (Bouzouki)