Artist : Threshold

Album : Legends of the Shires

Release Date : 08-09-2017

Added : 06-11-2017

Sometimes, by listening to a new album from one of your favorite bands, it triggers the 'wahouh' effect, increased by multiple little thrills, and then, you may be saying that you are not impartial because you had a positive a priori. Well, with the last 'Threshold', 'Legend of the Shires', over the 1 hour and 22 minutes of listening, that's what I felt. And then, never mind, when we love something, we say it !! 'For The Journey' in 2014 and ‘Europen Journey’ released end of 2015 (see Ici) had already made a very good impression, but with this last opus, it is even more impressive and I find it simply brilliant. From style side, we could compare 'Threshold' to 'Dream Theater' (see their last album Here) because they mix different genres between rock and progressive metal and for me, the pupil has exceeded the master. I will not describe each title because this chronic would be too long because of the density of each composition but I will simply say that everything is implemented to provide us a progressive metal accessible and melodic with a powerful and modern sound. In summary, the fans of the band will be satisfied and beyond, 'Legends of the Shires' is a good way to discover a progressive genre, refined and inspired while staying very catchy...

Line Up / Musicians

Glynn Morgan (Vocal), Richard West (Keybords), Karl Groom (Guitar), Steve Anderson (Bass), Johanne James (Drums)