Artist : The Dark Side Of Venus

Album : Power to Victims

Release Date : 10-12-2016

Added : 21-02-2017

'The Dark Side Of Venus' is an atypical project created by the classical pianist 'Licia Missori'; 'Power To Victims' has been released end of 2016 and the least that we can say is that, at first listening, you can’t remain indifferent to this music because each title brings a different style and feeling and it’s impossible to classify them in a category. We are transported between rock, pop, jazz and classic in a feeling where everything flows naturally with an alternating between light titles and other darker while remaining very accessible. In summary, far away from the uniformity of our prefabricated world, 'Power to Victims' is a real breath of fresh air and if you're looking for a little originality, you will certainly love this patchwork of styles...

Line Up / Musicians

Francesca Elayne Naccarelli (Vocal), Licia Missori (Keybords), Alessandro Lopane (Guitar), Yuri Colafigli (Bass), Daniele Saulle (Drums)