Artist : Simone Cozzetto

Album : Wide Eyes

Release Date : 21-10-2016

Added : 10-03-2017

Still an Italian artist that I discover with 'Simone Cozzetto' who released 'Wide Eyes' end 2016 and went completely unnoticed on the web. His universe is a progressive rock of the seventies with very classic melodic compositions. For this album, he’s surrounded by very good artists such as the former Europe guitarist 'Kee Marcello' or whether the singer 'Franck Marino'. For a good overview of the album, the first title 'Awakening' sums up the atmosphere of this record : an introduction combining electric and acoustic instruments, and then a guitar solo close to 'Pink Floyd' and the melancholic sung part close to ballads of Huriah Heep'. In summary, if you like the melodic pop/rock with an easy access, 'Wide Eyes' is an album that should please you...

Line Up / Musicians

Simone Cozzetto (Guitar, Bass, Keybords, Piano, Choirs), + Guests : Kee Marcello (Guitar), Titta Tani (Vocal), Frank Marino (Vocal, Choirs), Daniele Chiantese (Drums), Giorgia Zaccagni (Choirs), Sara Tiburzi (Violin), William Stravato (Guitar)