Artist : Pi Mezon

Album : A Lone

Release Date : 07-07-2017

Added : 18-11-2017

It's still a Finnish band that released their first album 'A Lone'. It is not easy to label them because 'Pi Mezon' mixes quite different progressive styles that range from pop to metal via psychedelic or rock. The first track 'Echo Images' is a very atmospheric and melancholic song. It follows 'The Puppet', more rock with a rhythm well marked by percussion and a very melodic chorus. With 'One of the Others', past the raging introduction with riffs of guitars, the sequel is in a much more pop style with a magnificent guitar solo and then the piano that takes over until the end in a layer of keyboards. The continuation is as varied as this beginning with beautiful melodies and a good alternation between the sung parts where 'Jarkko Maula' adapts its voice to the style of the title and rich and worked instrumental parts. We can note the last 2 tracks that make one for more than 12 minutes which perfectly summarize the album. In short, 'Pi Mezon' is a very good surprise 2017 and this 'A Lone' should please all progressive music fans loving diversity...

Line Up / Musicians

Ilja Koslonen (Guitar, Bass, Choirs), Jarkko Maula (Vocal), Sami Ratilainen (Drums) + Guests : Henri Norppa (Piano), Peetu Makkonen (Flute, Saxophone), Petri Tarvainen (Choirs)