Artist : Tom Doncourt

Album : House in the Woods

Release Date : 28-07-2017

Added : 17-11-2017

'Tom Doncourt' is an American keyboardist who releases his third album 'House in the Woods' and has participated in several projects including the 'Cathedral' band which is known for making a progressive rock of the 70s with the use of instruments electronics such as the Mellotron which allows using a keyboard to play sounds of magnetic tapes. With this last opus, we have to be open to music close to experimental one where Tom makes us travel through sounds mixing classical and contemporary sides with multi-cultural influences. The female singer 'Kristin Slipp' brings an airy and hypnotic side that accentuates this feeling of being in weightlessness listening to the 11 tracks that take a while to penetrate this particular universe. In short, 'Tom Doncourt' continues as a pioneer of new sound spaces to offer us compositions out of the ordinary and which will certainly be limited to a warned public...

Line Up / Musicians

Tom Doncourt (Keybords), Kristin Slipp (Vocal), Mattias Olsson (Drums), Chuck Bernklau (Bass), Rudy Perrone (Guitar)