Artist : The Mutes Gods

Album : Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth

Release Date : 24-02-2017

Added : 27-03-2017

'Nick Beggs' has been busy since the release of the first album of 'The Mutes Gods' just a little year over because this is his worthy successor which emerges end of February, ‘Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth' named. As always, it’s an acerbic criticism of the man of the 21st century with all the classic subjects of society, but the difference is that everything is denounced in the first degree with hope shrank away to nothing. Consequently, the musical atmosphere is necessarily darker and it’s a mixture of rock and progressive metal that awaits you throughout the 12 titles. In addition, each composition brings a fresh wind with original melodies that make 'The Mutes Gods' a group well apart and, as often in this case, several listenings are required to get you, little by little, into this unique world. In conclusion, 'Nick Beggs' set the bar very high with this new album which, for my part, has the great strength to contrast the texts that offer us a reflection on our real world while music takes us on the same time, in an unreal world...

Line Up / Musicians

Marco Minnemann (Drums), Nick Beggs (Vocal / Bass / Chapman Stick), Roger King (Keybords)