Artist : Scorching Winter

Album : Victim

Release Date : 30-10-2016

Added : 08-03-2017

After a promising first EP in 2015, the Australians of 'Scorching Winter' released end of 2016 their first album 'Victim'. It is a concept album about the history of a violated girl who is saved by a demon who passes his powers to take revenge. From music side, 'Scorching Winter' evolves into a symphonic metal with a female singer. The first title 'The Six Headed Beast' sets the scene with an energetic rhythm where we discover the sweet voice of Tina and a magnificent quiet final piano/voice. Following 'On Hands and Knees' which is a typical ballad of metal bands. With 'From The Ashes' it’s the hit single of the album and its refrain that fit you in your head. In summary, 'Scorching Winter' achieve a faultless first album that should delight all fans of metal symphonic like 'Nightwish' or 'Delain'...

Line Up / Musicians

Tina Papadimitriou (Vocal), Rafael Katigbak (Guitar), Natalie Bellio (Keybords), Glenn Treasure (Bass), Nick James (Drums)