Artist : Void Contact

Album : Form over Dysfunction

Release Date : 27-06-2020

Added : 01-09-2020

'Void Contact' is a band created at the end of the 80s by 'David McHenry' and 'Carter Scott' with two albums released in 1989 ('Age of Antiquity') and in 1991 ('Autonomy') and which after a long separation, met again in 2013 to continue the adventure. Two new opuses were released, 'Many Happy Returns' in 2015 and 'Secrets and Alibis' in 2018 and 'Form over Dysfunction' is therefore their third studio recording. In a pop style inherited from the 60s to the 80s, they offer us 10 compositions that could be a subtle mix between the 'Beatles', the 'Beach Boys', 'Supertramp' or even 'Billy Joël' or 'Chris de Burgh'.

From the start, we navigate through soft and refined pop compositions often semi-acoustic like 'Second Hand Love' and its westcoast atmosphere, 'Holiday' and its reggae rhythm, 'He Made His Bed' close to the sounds from 'Chris de Burgh' or the 'Beatlesian' 'Never Say Fail'. With 'All That She Sees', the use of strings recalls the moods of the orchestral versions of the project, 'The Gentle Storm' by 'Arjen Anthony Lucassen', then, the catchy 'Non-Committal Inspirations' has a heady melody to sing together in chorus and 'Let Me In' takes us into an exotic swaying rhythm, the album ending with 'I Don't Care' with very beautiful choirs reminiscent of the 'Beach Boys', 'Shame on You, Shame on Me' with another heady melody taking us back to the 70s and finally, the beautiful melancholy ballad 'Paralyzed', piano/voice, on which strings are grafted in a beautiful way that can recall the atmospheres of 'Peter Gabriel'.

In summary, this new album from the Americans of 'Void Contact' is very pleasant to listen to and brings us back to a pop of the 70s / 80s and 'Form over Dysfunction' is recommended to the general public because all the compositions are accessible at first listening...

Line Up / Musicians

David McHenry (Vocal, Keybords, Drums, Percussions), Carter Scott (Guitar, Keybords, Choirs) + Guests : Mark Horwitz (Accordion, Piano), Daniel Lee (Violin), Studio Pros (Cello), Brittany Bandstra (Clarinette), Ray McHenry (Bass), Ryan West (Guitar), Alfonso (Piano)