Artist : Xanthochroid

Album : Of Erthe And Axen : Act I + Act II

Release Date : 17-10-2017

Added : 10-01-2018

Take progressive influences in all styles of music from folk to metal, add a good dose of classical music ranging from romanticism to lyrical through symphonic, sprinkling all with black metal with extreme voices and regular use of the double pedal, here is a preview of the great saga of the Americans of 'Xanthochroid', 'Of Erthe And Axen' that the group decided to release in 2 times, part 1 in August 2017 and part 2 in October 2017. You have to be open to styles apart from each other to enter in these 90 minutes of music and it is obvious that these two games can’t be digested in a single listening but ask to tame them little by little. The concept is of course at the height of the music : after the world has fallen into chaos, an island, emerges from the waves, becomes the cradle of a new empire 'Axen' and the 2 new episodes tell us a story where love, jealousy, magic, war and deception are mixed. Everything is thought of for an ambitious project and the result is up to expectations because the whole has been done with great professionalism in terms of compositions, history, artworks, interpretation and production. In summary, these two concepts albums are a total success but will necessarily be reserved for an informed audience open to a mix of styles that are rarely associated...

Line Up / Musicians

Sam Meador (Keybords, Guitar, Vocal), Matthew Earl (Drums, Vocal), Brent Vallefuoco (Guitar), Ali Meador (Vocal)