Artist : Serious Black

Album : First Light

Release Date : 22-12-2017

Added : 26-01-2018

'Serious Black' is an international group of artists from metal scene created in 2015 who already have 3 albums to their credit, the last one dating from August 2017 and who have just released an acoustic album with 9 titles drawn mostly in their 2 first opus. This is the light side of this group that we find on this album and as you can imagine, we are far from the original versions and titles are very plain and simple to make unrecognizable versions; apart from 'I Show You My Heart' which already appeared in acoustics on 'MirrorWorld' (but not on the version of Spotify), all other titles have been reinterpreted. In short, 'Serious Black', with 'First Light' shows a completely different facet of the group just as attractive as the Power Metal one we knew...

Line Up / Musicians

Urban breed (Vocal), Bob Katsionis (Guitar), Dominik Sebastian (Guitar), Mario Lochert (Bass), Jan Vacik (Keybords), Alex Holzwarth (Drums)