Artist : Motis

Album : Deglingo

Release Date : 18-01-2019

Added : 08-03-2019

The French of 'Motis', whose first album 'A Chacun Son Graal' is already 20 years old, have just released, in early 2019, a new studio recording 'Deglingo'. In the great tradition of French bands that marry folk and progressive rock with poetic but also militant lyrics, this latest album is no exception to the rule and continues to embark us on these compositions which captive as well for their endearing melodies but also for these simple and straightforward words that so obviously show the problems of which man is the only one responsible and this without ever taking part; ‘La fièvre de l’or’ asks us this simple question: what is the point of this desire to have more and more? With 'Cavale' and 'Peut-être', 'Motis' puts itself in the place of people who suffer in their country from war or oppression and who have only two choices and who try to choose the least worst : to continue to suffer on the spot without knowing when it will stop ('Peut-être') or to try to flee their homeland without any hope to have a better life ('Cavale'). The following offers us a catchy 'Somnambule', a melancholic 'The distance' that encourages us to go to the front of others, a bouncy 'Deglingo' and the magnificent 'Monsieur machine', where 'Emmanuel Tissot' has chosen well are partner of singing, in the person of 'Christian Décamps' because it is the kind of text that could very well have been written by the leader of ‘Ange' (see the album 'Heureux' here), the album ending with an instrumental ‘L’effet overview’ which marries tradition with progressive in a beautiful way. In summary, the Jurassians of 'Motis' continue their merry way by offering endearing tunes and beautiful lyrics that tell the wounds of our world a little ‘délingué’ (like broken in French) and this last album should appeal to all those who love mixing French song, folk and progressive rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Emmanuel Tissot (Vocal, Bouzouki électrique, Mellotron, Organ Hammond), Tony Carvalho (Drums, Chœurs), Martial Baudoin (Bass, Chœurs) + Guests : Delphine Tissot (Vocal), Christian Décamps (Vocal)