Artist : Dynazty

Album : Firesign

Release Date : 28-09-2018

Added : 29-11-2018

It is only with their sixth album that I discover the Swedes of 'Dynazty' who began their career in 2007 and who release in 2018 'Firesign'. Their style is a melodic metal where guitar riffs coexist with keyboards as can 'Nightwish' can do (listen to 'In The Arms of the Devil', it's obvious on the chorus we feel like we hear a 'Storytime' overheated). At the beginning, with 'Breathe with Me', we are in the general mood of the album: a sustained rhythm, a refrain that immediately comes into your head and a singer with a powerful voice accompanied by choruses. Some tracks have a slower tempo while keeping accessible melody lines like 'My Darkest Hour' or 'Let Me Dream Forever' or the last track 'The Light Inside The Tunnel'. Note that the singer 'Nils Molin' also officiates for 'Amaranthe' in their latest album 'Helix' (see here). In summary, between symphonic and melodic metal, the 'Dynazty' release a quality album without real low time and 'Firesign' should appeal to all those who love an efficient metal and easy to access...

Line Up / Musicians

Nils Molin (Vocal), Love Magnusson (Guitar), George Egg (Drums), Mikael Lavér (Guitar), Jonathan Olsson (Bass)