Artist : Sheryl Crow

Album : Be Myself

Release Date : 21-04-2017

Added : 29-05-2017

With this 10th album 'Be Myself', the American singer 'Sheryl Crow', better known on the American continent than in Europe, signs a return to origins with more direct compositions and where we can find a particular authenticity. It's a mix of pop, blues, folk and rock in the great tradition of 70s and 80s artists such as 'Bob Dylan', 'Elton John' Or 'Fleetwood Mac'. We feel a real desire to touch the public and each title hangs from the first notes like the magnificent 'Heartbeat Away' with its catchy rhythmic where it’s not possible to prevent your foot to mark the beat. In short, 'Sheryl Crow' shows that the expression 'the leopard cannot change its spots' is verified with this last album, and it’s for our great pleasure...

Line Up / Musicians

Sheryl Crow (Bass, Guitar, Piano), Jeff Trott (Bass, Guitar, Moog, Organ, Sitare, Choirs), Doyle Bramhall II (Choirs), Gary Clark Jr. (Guitar), Mark Douthit (Saxophone), Fred Eltringham (Drums, Percussions), Audley Freed (Guitar), Toby Gad (Bass, Moog), Josh Grange (Flute, Guitar, Piano), Barry Green (Trombone), Robert Kearns (Bass), The McCrary Sisters (Choirs), Adam Minkoff (Keybords), Doug Moffet (Saxophone), Steve Patrick (Trompette), Andrew Petroff (Percussion), Rick Purcell, David Rossi, Tim Smith (Choirs)