Artist : Zuberoa Aznarez

Album : Beyond The Threshold

Release Date : 10-02-2017

Added : 06-04-2017

If I tell you that 'Zuberoa Aznarez' is the singer of 'Diabulus in Musica' (see last chronicle Here ), you'll definitely hardly believe that it's the same person who just released his first solo album' Beyond The Threshold '. We are very far from raging riffs of guitars and the 11 tracks are interpretations of folk or Celtic songs. In fact, 'Zuberoa' is very eclectic and, thanks to her lyric singer background, she participates in various projects such as the 'Elfenthal' ensemble (see Here) or as jazz singer in a pub. With this last born record, the listener is taken to an aerial and soothing world where the instruments are acoustic (flute, piano played by 'Gorka Elso', celtic harp, ...). In short, if you want to make a break, this 'Beyond The Threshold' is perfect to get out of the daily bustle and let yourself be carried away by the gentle voice of Zuberoa ...

Line Up / Musicians

Zuberoa Aznarez (Vocal, Flute, Harp Celtique, Guitar, Djembe), Gorka Elso (Piano), Daniel Zoco (Violin), Paula Moriones (Cello), Adrián Vallejo (Guitar), Olalla Moriones (Cantabass)