Artist : Airbound

Album : Airbound

Release Date : 15-09-2017

Added : 02-12-2017

Back in AOR style or melodic hard-rock with 'Airbound' which is an Italian band which releases its eponymous first album of the name of the group. As often in this kind of opus, the recipe is well established to offer titles to ‘eat-in’ that hang you from the first listen. We chain energetic songs like 'Have a Good Time', 'The Sun Tomorrow' or 'She's A Girl', some more pop like 'You Live and You Learn', 'Do not Fade Away' or 'Seven Seas' and finally powerful ballads like ‘Till The End', ‘Zhaneta' or 'Wasted World'. To sum up, 'Airbound' has all the ingredients to offer us a good album of AOR and should please all lovers of good melodic hard-rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Tomás Borgogna Ugarteburu (Vocal), Lorenzo "Fudo" Foddai (Guitar, Choirs), Angelo "NgL" Sasso (Bass, Choirs), Alessandro Broggi (Keybords, Piano, Choirs), Riccardo "DrumBeater" Zappa (Drums)