Artist : Tales Of Evening

Album : A New Dawn Awaits

Release Date : 01-11-2019

Added : 18-12-2019

'Tales Of Evening' is a Hungarian symphonic metal band that released their 4th studio album 'A New Dawn Awaits'. Led by the singer 'Dudás Ivett', they offer us 14 tracks in the purest tradition of a symphonic metal born in the 90s. 'A New Dawn Awaits' has the distinction of being the first opus of the group with lyrics in English (only the last title 'Jégvilág' is sung in Hungarian) which will undoubtedly allow this talented group to open up to the international.
'Torn Apart' starts off the album with all the ingredients of a classic but very effective symphonic metal with a first melody that immediately catch the attention and a remarkable instrumental section in the second part of the title with a final resuming the starting theme. Follows the hit 'Miracle if Mine' with a beautiful vocal performance of 'Dudás Ivett' which can remind in some places 'Charlotte Wessels' of 'Delain'. The following scrolls titles as catchy as each other with for example 'Shelterless Soul' with folk components, the 'Delainian' 'Delusion' or the beautiful power ballad 'Out of Reach'. The second half of the album is like the beginning, always melodic and accessible to the first listen, and the album ends with two beautiful ballads 'Flower of Frost' and 'Jégvilág' released in 2018.

In summary, the Hungarians of 'Tales Of Evening' release a quality album in a classic symphonic metal which, thanks to the English song should allow them to open up to a larger audience, and 'A New Dawn Awaits' is for an audience that likes bands like 'Delain' (last album here), 'Edenbridge' (last album here) ), 'Visions of Atlantis' (last album here), 'Imperia' (last album here), 'Beyond The Black' ( last album here) or 'Xandria' (last album here)...

Line Up / Musicians

Dudás Ivett (Vocal), Ádám Attila (Keybords), Ribarics Tamás (Guitar), Krisztián Varga (Guitar), Németh Attila (Bass), Pálosi Róbert (Drums)