Artist : Axel Rudi Pell

Album : The Ballads V

Release Date : 21-04-2017

Added : 28-05-2017

German hard rock bands have always excelled in ballads. But there, with 'Axel Rudi Pell', it releases albums of ballads more than he can shake a stick at because this last opus, which is already the fifth in the series, is simply called 'The Ballads V' and regroups songs of 6 years ago, with the sumptuous 'Lived Our Lives Before' and other recent ones such as 'On The Edge Of Our Time', including also few bonuses, a duet with 'Bonnie Tyler' with 'Love's Holding On ', a 'Neil Young’ cover 'Hey Hey My My’ and a lovely 'Mistreated’ live of ‘Deep Purple' that feels good the' 70s and a particular 'Ritchie Blackmore'. He shows that beyond the years of career and his just under 20 albums, he continues to do what he always liked to do : play good melodic hard rock for the pleasure of his fans and, with this album of ballads, certainly for a larger public in the same way that other groups like 'Scorpions' did...

Line Up / Musicians

Axel Rudi Pell (Guitars), Bobby Rondinelli (Drums), Ferdy Doernberg (Keybords), Johnny Gioeli (Vocal), Volker Krawczak (Bass) + Guest : Bonnie Tyler (Vocal)