Artist : Hamnesia

Album : Metamorphosis

Release Date : 28-01-2018

Added : 09-03-2018

'Metamorphosis' is the first studio album of the Italian of 'Hamnesia' born in 2015 from the meeting of singer 'Livia Montalesi' and guitarist 'Lorenzo Diana'. « it’s a concept album which wants to be a journey into the human mind through fears and uncertainties that paralyze it, but that at the same time give us an opportunity to overcome them and change ourselves, precisely through a metamorphosis ». First of all, musically speaking, all compositions are very melodic which makes them easy to access; then, from style point of view, it's varied because we go from to progressive metal through rock progressive where the guitars are at the same level as the keyboards and they add classical instruments like violin or flute. The two main titles of the album are 'Metamorphosis' and 'Noctudormos', each more than 10 minutes, which take the listener into a sound labryrinth where they mix different moods and atmospheres. In summary, with 'Metamorphosis', the Italians of ‘Hamnesia', even if they still have to adjust some vocal and instrumental imperfections, released a promising album, melodic and accessible that should reach a relatively large audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Livia Montalesi (Vocal, Violin), Lorenzo Diana (Guitar), Giovanni Tarantino (Drums), Andrea Manno (Bass), Matteo Bartolo (Keybords)