Artist : The Radio Sun

Album : Beautiful Strange

Release Date : 24-08-2018

Added : 03-11-2018

'Beautiful Stange' is already the 5th album of the Australians of 'The Radio Sun' since their first album 'Wrong Things Right' of 2014 and I reviewed this band in 2016 at the release of the album 'Outside Looking In' (see here). A bit like the prolific 'Last Autumn's Dream' with a cadence of one album per year (see here), 'The Radio Sun' have also chose this rhythm and this last album is no exception to the rule with melodic rock compositions all very effective that catch you at first listen and whose vocal harmonies are always at the top : after the first 3 energetic 'Hold on Tight', 'Believe In Me' and 'Should Have Listened to My Heart', the mid-tempo 'As Long as You Want Me' allows a break to start again with an 'Out of This World' and its catchy chorus, then the 2nd Part of the album also brings its share of melodic nuggets like 'Have You Got What It Takes' or 'Beautiful Secret' to end up with a hopping 'Stand Tall United'. In summary, if you like melodic rock (or AOR or rock FM) with saturated guitars and remarkable choruses, this latest album 'Beautiful Strange' from 'The Radio Sun' is for you and is to be consume without moderation...

Line Up / Musicians

son Old (Vocal), Stevie Janevski (Guitar, Choirs), Gilbert Annese (Drums, Choirs), Anthony Wong (Bass, Choirs)