Artist : Reversal Symmetry

Album : Jekyll and Hyde

Release Date : 05-02-2018

Added : 25-03-2018

'Reversal Symmetry' is a new Italian band whose members are from the band 'Layra' and who have just released their first album 'Jekyll and Hyde' which is a rock opera about the famous story of the Scottish writer 'Robert Louis Stevenson’. So, we are immersed in the history and the album is divided into two parts, the first being the 'white' side which represents the good side of 'Jekyll' and the second ‘Mr Hyde’, the doctor’s dark side. Musically, it's typical progressive with titles (with the exception of 2) between 6 and 11 minutes which consequently take the time to tell the episodes of the novel and we find all the ingredients of a progressive rock opera: at first, the characters in the novel are all held by different singers and we can note that Italians mixed classic registers ('Moreno Sangermano' in the role of the doctor Jekkill) and lyrical (‘Alessio Quaresima Escobar' in the role of 'Butler Poole') which allows original duets as in 'Eternal Void'. Then, the arrangements are very varied and the titles alternate power and serenity with musical lines always very melodic which makes each title accessible but requires several listenings to well soak up the whole. From influences point of view, we find the major groups of the 70s/80s of progressive music and for example, the last title of the first part 'Henry's Choice' reminds me of the 'Floydien' atmosphere of Animals' with the use of the reverb to give more relief to the theater style. In short, with 'Jekyll and Hyde', the Italians 'Reversal Symmetry' released a very good rock opera that should take its full dimension on stage and this double album should appeal to all lovers of progressive rock loving diversity and should make part of the major releases of the year 2018 in this style of music...

Line Up / Musicians

Moreno Sangermano (Vocal), Fabio Vitale (Guitar), Matteo Ferretti (Keybords), Graziano Sessa (Bass), Davide Miccinilli (Drums), Steve Sangermano (Vocal), Guido Gori Giorgi (Vocal), Alessio Quaresima Escobar (Vocal)