Artist : BlackRain

Album : Dying Breed

Release Date : 13-09-2019

Added : 05-11-2019

After 'Released' in 2016 (see here), the French of 'Blackrain' released a new studio album 'Dying Breed'. Compared to the last opus, they favored much more direct and effective compositions with enormous energy and unstoppable and catchy melodies and this from the first title track of the album and its simple chorus but which should be all the rage in concert and a first solo guitar on the fast lane, then, 'Hellfire' continues on a heavy rhythm with raging guitar riffs just like 'Blast Me Up' in which the title is punctuated with riffs on the style of 'AC/DC'. With 'Nobody Can Change', it's time for a wild rhythm interspersed with a quieter part and 'Like Me' slows the tempo for a rhythm where you can’t help to headbang. And after that we merit a little pause with the simple but very effective ballad 'All Angels Have Gone' before starting again on the 2nd part of the album with titles with the same energy as the beginning of the album and if the rhythmic of the chorus of 'Public Enemy' leaves you cold, it is that definitely you are not made for the effective hard-rock of 'Blackrain'. Note that the Spotify version offers 2 additional titles with the strong cover of Ça Plane Pour Moi’ of 'Plastic Bertrand' well known in France for more than fourty years. In summary, the French of 'Blackrain' return to the fundamentals of a powerful and effective hard rock, and 'Dying Breed' is intended for all those who are fond of a melodic hard rock that has taken off in the 80'...

Line Up / Musicians

Swan (Vocal, Guitar), Max 2 (Guitars), Frank F (Drums), Mat H (Bass)