Artist : Akoma

Album : Revangels

Release Date : 27-01-2017

Added : 15-03-2017

A single with a special guest in the person of 'Liv Kristine' (You Tube clip below), 'Akoma' is a Danish group of symphonic metal who has just released its first studio album after 2 EP in 2009 and 2012. Of course, it looks like 'Leave's Eyes' because Tanya officiates in the same register as Liv but the style remains more classic without addition of growls and if they don’t revolutionize this kind of music, the Symphonic side is highlighted as 'Hands Of Greed' with its very epic introduction and ubiquitous choirs. In summary, the Danes of Akoma' released a good first album and have capabilities, if they develop their own style, to succeed into the closed world of symphonic metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Tanya Bell (Vocal), Morten H. Bell (Guitar), Stefan Nielsen (Bass), Andreas Pedersen (Guitar), Rune Frisch (Drums)