Artist : Karfagen

Album : Echoes From Within Dragon Island

Release Date : 01-02-2019

Added : 14-03-2019

The Ukrainian 'Antony Kalugin' has been busy the last 2 years with the last 'Karibow' (see here) and the two parts of 'Messages from Afar' released under 2 names different projects, 'Karfagen' (see here) and 'Sunchild' (see here). The beginning of the year 2019 saw the release of a new album of 'Karfagen' which lasts an hour and a half and is inspired by the poet 'Robert Louis Stevenson' known for writing 'The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde' and who is the author of many novels and short stories, 'Antony Kalugin' having taken up some of his poems including, among others, 'The Country of Tales' and 'Little Earth'. From the beginning, these are the 3 parts of the master piece of the album, 'Dragon Island Suite', of about 54 minutes (just interspersed with a short title 'My Bed is a Boat') in which we embark on an imaginative and captivating musical journey, and exceptionally rich with all that we can find in progressive rock with the use of different classical instruments and a construction in drawers in which it is good to get lost and where the instrumental parts with multiple influences are numerous The rest of the album is mainly instrumental tracks with 'Flowing Books' which can recall some 'Focus' tracks in their first period, 'Winter Rock' which is an acoustic track full of sweetness, the suite of the 2 'Incantation' which are very varied instrumental titles and which make us travel through an atmospheric musical landscape, a summary of the 'Dragon Island' suite with certain instrumental passages chosen, 'Across the Dark We Steer' which is an orchestral composition, the album ending with the ballad 'Alight Again'. In summary, it is still a rich album that offers 'Antony Kalugin' and 'Echoes From Within Dragon Island' should please all fans of a sought progressive rock which has to be discovered little by little and filled with various and varied influences...

Line Up / Musicians

Antony Kalugin (Keybords, Vocal, Percussion, Flute), Max Velychko (Guitar), Oleg Prokhorov (basse), Viktor Sirotin (Drums), Tim Sobolev (Vocal), Olha Rostovska (Vocal), Sergey Obolonkov (Vocal), Sergii Kovalov (Accordion), Roman Gorielov (Guitar), Alexandr Pastuchov (Basson), Maria Baranovska (Violin), Elena Kushiy (Flute), Igor Solovey (Cor Français), Tatiana Kurilko (Cor Anglais), Kostya Shepelenko (Drums), Michail Sidorenko (Saxophone), Georgiy Katunin (Lyra à roue), Olga Vodolazhskaya (Vocal,Guitar)