Artist : Razzmattazz

Album : Diggin’ for Gold

Release Date : 24-02-2017

Added : 21-03-2017

Between ' AC/DC' and 'ZZ Top', the 'Razzmattazz' Germans released their 3rd studio album with 'Diggin' for Gold'. As you can imagine, it moves from beginning to end with good energetic titles full of guitars riffs. It starts with the dynamic 'Diggin' For Gold' which reminds me some introductions of 'Status Quo' and then angry riffs like ‘AC/DC'. The suite is on the same vein that this first title, a rhythm that itchy your feet and head and which attract at first listening. Certainly, no major new features with this last 'Razzmattazz', but, for those who have listened metal bands of the 1980s, just a good time to spend enjoying the communicative energy...

Line Up / Musicians

Tom Schaupp (Vocal, Guitar), Bad Mike Bösinger (Drums), Tommy Wiegand (Bass), Wolle Heieck (Guitar)