Artist : REXORIA

Album : Ice Breaker

Release Date : 18-10-2019

Added : 05-12-2019

It is still a Swedish band that is in the limelight with 'REXORIA' and their last album 'Ice Breaker' which succeeds 'Queen' of Light' released in 2018 (see here) and which was their first studio recording. Like many Scandinavian groups like 'Eclipse' (voir ici),, 'Nordic Union' (see here) or 'Palace' (see here), 'REXORIA' evolves in a melodic heavy metal with titles not exceeding 5 minutes and accessible immediately. It starts off with 'Velvet Heroes' and 'Fight The Demons' which are two fairly fast tracks, then, 'Endless Night', while remaining powerful, calm the rhythm for a mid-tempo where 'Frida Ohlin' shows all her vocal talent in a slower title, and 'In The Wild' returns to an energetic mood tinged with folk. The continuation continues in this powerful and melodic style with 'Reach for the Heaven of Time' and 'Ice Breaker', then after the short instrumental interlude 'Wind and Rain', it's gone again with 'The Rise of the Phoenix' and 'Brother of Asgaard', and then, the catchy 'The Raging Thunder' continues in the same way just like the fast 'Roaring' with another heady chorus, the album ending more serenely on the power ballad 'Vår Verkliget' where Swedish singer 'Niklas Isfeldt' ('Dream Evil') invited for the occasion performs a remarkable vocal duet with 'Frida Ohlin'.

In summary, the Swedes of 'REXORIA' release an album in the continuity of 'Queen of Light' with compositions accessible at first listen which should destine 'Ice Breaker' to a public loving powerful and melodic metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Frida Ohlin (Vocal, Keybords), Jonas Gustavsson (Guitar, Bass), Cristofer Svensson (Guitar), Martin Gustavsson (Drums) + Guest : Niklas Isfeldt