Artist : Comedy Of Errors

Album : House Of The Mind

Release Date : 26-06-2017

Added : 15-01-2018

I'm coming back to the last album of 'Comedy Of Errors' which was released in June 2017 but appeared on Spotify quite tardily. Their last album 'Spririt' was already one of the very good surprises of 2015 (see Here) and 'House Of The Mind' continues in this same way with these influences of neo-progressive groups. After the very rhythmic 'Tachyon', the first long track 'House of the Mind' embarks us in a prog atmosphere of the seventies with a 'Hammond' sounding organ and the construction alternates sung and instrumental parts with breaks between energetic parts and others quieter. The second flagship title is undoubtedly 'Song of Wandering Jacobus' which lasts more than 13 minutes and which runs a crescendo with its slow tempo to finish in a few notes of keyboards linked to the main theme. In summary, 'Comedy Of Errors' continues to release quality albums and this 'House Of Mind', even if it requires several plays, is relatively accessible and should appeal to all neo-progressive fans who like groups like 'Arena', 'IQ' or 'Pendragon'...

Line Up / Musicians

Joe Cairney (Vocal), Sam Mcculloch (Guitar), Mark Spalding (Guitar), Jim Johnston (Keybords, Choirs), John Fitzgerald (Bass, Choirs), Bruce Levick (Drums)