Artist : Mono Inc.

Album : Together Till The End

Release Date : 13-01-2017

Added : 22-03-2017

Again, it’s a new group that I discovered from my chance listening but the Germans ' Mono Inc. ' have already a successful career since their first album in 2003, and 'Together Till The End' is already their 9th album and, proportionally speaking, some songs remind me 'Texas' ('Boatman' has an air of 'Summer Sun' in its construction). Their style is a heavy rock with a lively rhythm and simple and catchy choruses like the first 3 titles. Also, we can note 'The Tide', which presents another side of the group, a very successful a capella folk ballad, the last title 'Eden (Reprise)', which is an epic instrumental cover of the first song’s theme and the recovery of 'Gary More', 'Out In The Fields' that they resume brilliantly. In short, Mono Inc. is an accessible group with melodic compositions which should reach a broad public fan of rock and metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Martin Engler (Vocal), Manuel Antoni (Bass, Vocal), Carl Fornia (Guitar, Vocal), Katha Mia (Drums, Vocal)