Artist : Damian Wilson/Adam Wakeman

Album : Stripped

Release Date : 11-01-2019

Added : 03-03-2019

They had already feast us with 'The Sun Will Dance in Its Twilight Hour' released just a year ago (see here) and now for our greatest pleasure they come back back with a new album 'Stripped' that they recorded after their acoustic tour 2018 in this live atmosphere they had just experienced. In addition to their respective compositions, they take up emblematic titles with, among others, a 'Life on Mars' of 'David Bowie' to give us goose pimples, as much for what it reminds us (I speak for people over fifty years) but also by this stripped-down interpretation that brings us back to the heart of the matter of this composition. We refind also 2 compositions already present on the previous opus 'Laugh In Time' and 'The Sun Will Dance in its Twilight Hour' in another interpretation. The parallel with artists like 'Cat Stevens' that I had already mentioned in the previous review is always present certainly due to the tessitura of Damian who in addition to having an exceptional voice is a wonderful storyteller. The whole is filled with a palpable emotion with titles like 'Disciple' or the magnificent 'Soldier' and the mixing of their two voices is a treat in 'Seek for Adventure' (already present on 'Weir Keeper's Tale' just like 'People Come And Go'). In summary, this 'Stripped' is in continuity with the previous opus, and Damian and Adam continue to embark us in this hushed atmosphere filled with emotion which is certainly the best antidepressant for those who want to decompress from the everyday life stress...

Line Up / Musicians

Damian Wilson (Vocal, Guitar), Adam Wakeman (Vocal, Guitar, Piano)