Artist : Edguy

Album : Monuments

Release Date : 12-07-2017

Added : 16-12-2017

After nearly 25 years of existence, the Germans of ‘Edguy' have always go on in their own way and despite the success that we know with ‘Avantasia', 'Tobias Sammet' has always remained faithful to his first group. 2017 sees the release of the compilation 'Monuments', and what a monument indeed, because it contains 5 new titles, 22 titles of their studio albums and a new title never published, for 2 hours 30 of music in total. We navigate between heavy, power and speed metal with hymns typical of this group to make sing stadiums like 'The Piper Never Dies', 'King Of Fools' or 'Tears of the Mandrake' and so on. In short, even if the choice of titles remains very subjective and complicated with such a discography, this' Monuments' is a good way for fans to rediscover all ‘Edguy' albums and for others, perhaps, to discover a major group of the metal scene of the last 25 years...

Line Up / Musicians

Tobias Sammet (Vocal, Bass, Clavier), Dirk Sauer (Guitars), Felix Bohnke (Drums), Jens Ludwig (Guitars), Tobias Exxel (Bass)