Artist : Kaipa

Album : Children Of The Sounds

Release Date : 22-09-2017

Added : 24-11-2017

'Kaipa' is a band of the 70s that experienced a long separation until 2002 when they reformed to release about 1 album every 2 years and 'Children Of The Sounds' is the 13th studio album of the Swedes. They continue to offer us progressive between folk and rock always very melodic in the line of bands like 'Yes' or 'Kansas'. 'Hans Lundin' is the survivor of the initial formation and has surrounded himself with artists who officiate in other groups like 'Morgan Ågren' and 'Jonas Reingold' of 'Karmakanic' (see Here). Beware, for those who are allergic to the long developments, you can zap this opus because the 5 titles offer us almost one hour of music. With 'Childen Of The Sounds', the style is always faithful to what they have been able to do in the past, that is that they sail in a conventional progressive universe and I already hear some criticize this lack of risk-taking. For my part, I prefer to see the glass half full because, there is one thing that can’t be blamed, it is precisely to completely master their subject and many groups would like to have this level of quality. In short, with this last album, 'Kaipa' still offer us a very good album which should please all lovers of progressive rock of the 70s loving long compositions...

Line Up / Musicians

Hans Lundin (Keybords, Choirs), Aleena Gibson (Vocal), Patrik Lundström (Vocal), Jonas Reingold (Bass), Morgan Ågren (Drums), Per Nilsson (Guitars) + Guest : Elin Rubinsztein (Violin)