Artist : Sleep in Heads

Album : On the Air

Release Date : 01-03-2018

Added : 14-04-2018

It’s the female singer 'Sonia Sleepyhead' who gave its name to this new Ukrainian group 'Sleep in Heads' created in 2015 and evolving between rock and atmospheric metal with influences of groups like 'Anathema' or 'Porcupine Tree'. Listening to the first title 'Pacifying', we are plunged between strength and softness, strength being brought by the heavy rhythmic base of the electric instruments and the softness by, on the one hand, Sonya's aerial voice and on the other hand the violin from Natalia that gives an impression of weightlessness. Follows 'Vagrant' which, after a progressive introduction, embarks us for a beautiful melody close to 'Karnataka' and on this title Sonya has something of 'Hayley Griffiths'. The sequel is the image of this beginning, typically progressive with alternations between power and softness but also rhythmic breaks in which Sonya knows perfectly integrate her song. In summary, this first album of the Ukrainians of 'Sleep in Heads' is very promising and 'On the Air' should please all those who love progressive and the atmospheric music...

Line Up / Musicians

Sonya Sleepyhead (Vocal), Serj Thorzhevskyi (Guitar), Roman (Drums), Fann Manerny (Bass), Natalia Dzizinska (Violin)