Artist : Ann My Guard

Album : Ourania

Release Date : 13-01-2017

Added : 04-03-2017

'Ann My Guard' is a Hungarian project created by 'Eszter Anna Baumann' who is not only the singer but also the bassist. After 1st album in 2014, 'Ourania' is the second album of the group who officiates between rock and metal. The whole is rhythmed and melodic with successful titles. After a short a cappella introduction, 'Asteria' sets the scene with an energetic rock title where you feel Eszter like a fish to water. Following share between energetic titles like 'Callisto' or 'Obsedian Tears' and other more heavy as 'Breathe The Sun' or 'Hekate' interspersed by 2 instrumental commas 'Io' and 'Snake'. In conclusion, without bringing any novelty, the Hungarians of 'Ann My Guard' do as we say their job and we're having a very good time listening to Ourania' which is to recommend to a wide rock audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Benjamin Bárkányi (Guitars), Eszter Anna Baumann (Vocal / Bass), Krisztián Varga (Guitars), Norbert Tobola (Drums)