Artist : Karibow

Album : MOnuMENTO

Release Date : 15-11-2018

Added : 14-02-2019

I come back to the last 'Karibow' I was looking forward to in Spotify because 'Monumento' has been out for several months already (see the last 2 columns here and here). As usual, the German 'Oliver Rüsing' has concocted a concept album of nearly 2 hours with all that we dream to have in a neo- refined progressive album and icing on the cake, the list of guests are impressive with among others 'Hayley Griffiths' (ex Karnataka) and 'Michel St-Père' ('Mystery' see their latest album ici ). From the first eponymous title of the album of nearly 12 minutes, we refind the world of the German in a style that can recall the rock bands of the 80s in a mixture of rock and funk and 'MOnuMENTO' makes me think of 'Shout' of 'Tears For Fears' but the resemblance stops at certain melodic lines because it is first and foremost a progressive title with different nested parts and changes of atmosphere. 'The Raining Silence' is more classic with an energetic rhythm interspersed with quieter parts where the mix of different singing is beautiful. Follows 'District of Dignity' calmer at the beginning, which is gaining momentum on the end and where we find the beautiful voice of 'Hayley Griffiths' (after its eviction of 'Karnataka', she should return with a new project - see the first video available on you tube here). The following offers 'The Flood' which begins in a cozy atmosphere and develops its beautiful melody alternating powerful and quieter parts, the end of the first CD continues in this neo-progressive atmosphere that unfolds accessible melodic lines and transitions between intense moments and others much calmer as in 'Seeker of Dawn' and its beautiful final crescendo. The 2nd part of this 'MOnuMENTO' is separated into 2 big titles, first 'A Fairy Tale' of 26 minutes then 'Crusader' of 20 minutes which are in a more classic style and which for example in 'Touching the Bordeline' reminds me 'Arena' (see their latest album here) but also the atmospheres of 'Sting' in 'Keeper of Fairy Blood'. In summary, with this last album and as it did with the previous ones, 'Oliver Rüsing' offers us a dense album which one must discover little by little to get all the richness and 'MOneMENTO' is of course destined to all those who love the progressive rock of the last 20 years...

Line Up / Musicians

Oliver Rüsing (Vocal, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Keybords, Piano), Simone Stiers (Vocal, Choirs), Hayley Griffiths (Vocal, Choirs), Joe Cairney (Vocal, Choirs), Nic Koray (Vocal, Choirs), John Young (Keybords), Antony Kalugin (Keybords), Guido Seifert (Keybords), Michel St-Père (Guitar), Roland Körner (Harmonica)