Artist : The Longing

Album : Tales of Torment

Release Date : 29-09-2017

Added : 29-11-2017

'The Longing' is an American band that has just released its 2nd studio album 'Tales of Torment' around tales seen from the side of the evil witches and twisted villain, what a whole program !! About the style, not easy to put them in a specific case because they mix beautiful melodies with the power of metal. It is the female singer 'Laura Bradley' who is at the origin of this band and who is also the composer. From the first tracks, the tone is given by the guitar riffs but the songs parts are much more soft and melodic as for example 'Melting Down' and its classic and catchy chorus from the first listen which makes it easy to access. We can note the strong cover of "Bob Dylan", "Make Your Feel My Love" and the ‘Ave Maria’ of ‘Shubert' which has been electrified for the occasion and where Laura reveals all his talent in a classic registry. In short, with this 2nd album, the Americans of 'The Longing' offer us melodic and accessible compositions that should reach a broad audience fan of symphonic rock and metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Laura Bradley (Vocal, Piano), Michael Wallace (Bass), Tom Plumb (Drums), John Huldt (Guitar), Sean Maier (Guitar)