Artist : Into The Great Divide

Album : Into The Great Divide

Release Date : 26-01-2018

Added : 11-03-2018

'Into The Great Divide' is an Instrumental project by 'Zack Zalon' in which 'Mike Mangini', the drummer of 'Dream Theater', participated. It's a concept album which, even if there is no sung part, contains a narrative for each title recited by 'Larry Davis' which allows to follow the story imagined by 'Zack Zalon'. The theme is influenced by the stories of 'Joseph Campbell' on the 'Heroes with a Thousand Faces', which describes the journey of the hero with severall steps which begins in an ordinary world to enter little by little in unusual worlds where he is confronted to different proofs sheets. The music is therefore the support to tell the different episodes of the hero's journey and the mix of elaborate metal and progressive rock while remaining accessible with a good diversity from one title to another : each composition brings its atmosphere that can to be energetic, powerful, melodic, symphonic and catchy at the same time and the rhythmic work that 'Mike Mangini' instill at every moment impresses and shows all his talent of drummer. In short, this 'Into The Great Divide' is an album that should appeal to all lovers of instrumental compositions sailing between rock and metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Zack Zalon (Guitar, Bass, Keybords), Mike Mangini (Drums), Brendon Cassidy (Orchestral Arrangements), Larry Davis (Narration)