Artist : Stagma

Album : Stagma

Release Date : 06-04-2018

Added : 24-05-2018

'Stagma' is a new melodic metal project that was created by 'Alexandre Santos' ('Scar For Life') and debauched for the occasion artists of the metal scene with the lead singer of 'Scar For Life', 'Rob Mancini'. Aside from the introduction 'Genesis' and the final 'To Be Continued' that have been synthesized by 'Jeroen Tel', the whole is filled with energetic and powerful compositions that have the sole purpose of making you move on the rhythm of the music : 'Pokerface' opens the ball with an effective rhythm and a melody that never leaves you, and the titles that follow 'Rocket Machine', 'Faces In The Mirror' and 'Promise Me' continue in the same style. The instrumental 'Gates of Valhalla' in the middle of the album allows you to breathe a little, then it's gone again with 'Bounty Hunter' or 'Sister Sister'. In short, even if 'Stagma' does not bring real novelties to the mill of melodic metal, this first opus is filled with good heavy and powerful energy and should appeal to all fans of melodic metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Rob Mancini (Vocal), Alexandre Santos (Guitar), Neil Fraser (Guitar), Joe Petro (Bass), Vinny Appice (Drums), Patrick Johansson (Drums) + Invités : Simon Wright (Drums), Jeroen Tel (Synthétiseur)