Artist : P.A.L.

Album : Prime

Release Date : 26-01-2018

Added : 05-03-2018

It is still a Nordic country, in this case Sweden with 'P.A.L.' (the 3 first letter of the trio Petterson, Anersson and Ljunggren), which is in the spotlight with a first album 'Prime'. In fact, first album but these three, had already known each other for a long time and ended up offering us 11 very accessible melodic rock compositions with catchy choruses from the first listening in a radio format because most do not exceed 4 minutes. From the start with 'Head or Tails', we embark on a typical 80s melodic rock song with a catchy chorus and short but effective guitar solo. With 'Carry On', it's a mid-tempo that makes you headbang and 'Hiding Away from Love' is more classic and reminiscent of bands like 'Toto'. The obligatory ballad in this kind of album is present with the beautiful composition 'What We Could Have Been' and the album ends with 'One Step Away' with the chorus that will not leave you more. In short, even if you have the impression of having heard thousands of times these melodies, 'Prime' is a very good album of melodic rock and should appeal to all fans of the great bands in this type of music of the 80s...

Line Up / Musicians

Roger Ljunggren (Guitar), Peter Andersson (Bass), Peo Pettersson (Vocal), Mauritz Petersson (Drums)